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Global War on Terrorism Service Medal (GS)


a. On 20 September 2002, the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense, requested the Institute provide suggested designs. This was accomplished and the design was selected on 7 January 2003. Executive Order 13289, dated 12 March 2003, signed by President Bush, established this medal.

b. In order of precedence, the GWOTEM will be worn before the GWOTSM and both shall directly follow the Kosovo Campaign Medal (KCM) (i.e., KCM, GWOTEM, GWOTSM, KDSM, etc.).

c. Soldiers may receive both the Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal (GWOTEM) and the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal (GWOTSM) if they meet the requirements of both awards; however, the same period of service establishing eligibility for one cannot be used to justify service eligibility for the other.


a. Individuals who participated in or served in support of the Global War on Terrorism for specific operations on or after 11 September 2001 and to a date to be determined.

b. Service members must be assigned, attached or mobilized to a unit participating in or serving in support of designated Operations for 30 consecutive days or 60 nonconsecutive days or meet on of the following criteria:

(1) Be engaged in actual combat regardless of time in the operations.
(2) While participating in the operations, regardless of time, be killed, wounded or injured requiring medical evacuation.

c. Specified Operations. Initial approved operations are airport security (27 SEP 01 Through 31 MAY 02), NOBLE EAGLE, ENDURING FREEDOM AND IRAQI FREEDOM.

d. Awarding authority for Navy personnel rests with the Chief of Naval Operations and Combatant Commanders.

(1) CNO Authorizes the wearing of the GWOTSM for Navy personnel attached to commands who either directly or indirectly supported the designated operations. Support is defined as administrative, logistical, planning, operational, technical, readiness and any other support services related to the designated operations.
(2)Navy personnel in initial accession training, to include follow-on career specific training, do not qualify for the GWOTSM under this authorization. Eligibility begins once assigned to the first permanent duty station after completion of initial and follow-on training.


A bronze color metal disc 1 3/8 inches in diameter, charged with an eagle, wings displayed, with a stylized shield of thirteen vertical bars on its breast and holding in dexter claw an olive branch and in sinister claw three arrows, all in front of a terrestrial globe with the inscription above “WAR ON TERRORISM SERVICE MEDAL.” On the reverse is a laurel wreath on a plain field.