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Search Method #1 - First Character
Click the first letter of the unit name you are looking for to see a list of all units starting with that letter. If the unit's name starts with a number, click on the first number in its designation.
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Search Method #2 - Text
Ships are listed using the ship name and the hull number, while commands are listed using the PLA, as found in the SNDL, or the command acronym. All listings are currently being updated for consistency.

Please enter part of the Unit name you are looking for and then click [ Search ]. For example:
  • If searching for the USS ENTERPRISE, enter ENTERPRISE.
  • If searching for PATROL SQUADRON enter VP or PATRON as some command titles may be listed using either the acronym or the PLA.

Any command title that contains the word you entered in the search field will appear in the results below. Additional information on acronyms and PLA can be found in the Document Library under the Unit Awards tab.
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Once you have completed one of the search methods above and the Unit names have appeared below, click on the name to see a list of Awards for that unit.

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